Monday, September 2, 2013

DIY Bracelet

Today I want to show you how you can make yourself great looking bracelet! No need to buy similar for a lot of money in Lilou, and you can do it yourself. 
first way to the first one. Its implementation will need: 
- two pieces of colored string of length 30 and 20 cm (available from haberdashery stores or beads) 
- tube 
- 2 beads 
- needle - optional
Pipe threading a long cord, and tie the string shorter the knot, as showed in the picture below.

Then, at one end of the shorter string tie the successive knots

Then repeat the same operation on the other end of the shorter string. 
Finally, we tie the knot end and cut off the redundant part. (You can instead use a needle knot tie and it will look nicer. How to do this below). As I wrote above, you can use a needle - my unfortunately had a small hole on the string, but if someone will end up with a needle, it will look more aesthetically. With the needle proceed as follows: Threading the end of a short cord on the needle and drag the knots (inside) and we cut unnecessary end.

Then at the end we put a long string of beads and tie the knot.

So here we have a simple and marvelous bracelet

Way for a second bracelet
We need: 
- Twine - I had 1 m, but it was too much. Nice effect can also be achieved by using thinner twine and larger beads. 
- Beads - I used up the 30, but it depends on the length of the bracelet and the size and width of a string of beads 
- bracelet clasp (round element) can also be decorative button.

Twine make in three equal parts, but it does not separate the string in the place.

Finally, in a place you do not cut through creating a loop that will be one of our bracelets fasteners. Try sooner or clasp will be able to be passed through the loop and string zawiążcie the knot.

Cut off one of the free ends (as close as possible supełka, so it will not come off)

Now you can cut the string at the end and tie the ends of the braid.

After zaplecieniu approximately one quarter of the planned duration They start slipping bracelets beads on the ends on tying together braid.

After zapleceniu 3/4 length bracelet, talking about without adding a string of beads, and then tie the knot at the end.

After the establishment of the supełka scissors cut one end (closest supełka cut away so as not to come off it later).Then, threading our end closure (if you have a button that can be strung PRZE two holes) and tie the knot at the end.

Then the free ends of threading beads and tie the knots on the appropriate length (I left the ends of 6.5 cm.) The end:

I would add that the pictures bracelets look worse than they are.
Like you to the idea of ​​self-realization bracelets?